Saturday, March 22, 2014

Festa di Primavera in Campo Bragora, Last Night

The multi-talented Gigi Miracol lights up in a big way
The regular quarterly events in Campo Bragora have become great ways to mark the changing seasons, with music, dance, activities for kids, food, wine, ritual--and, inevitably, fire. The next one, marking the summer solstice, will be in June, amid the other activities of the roughly week-long Festa di San Giovanni in Bragora. 

Agnese Ferro and Enrico Bertolotti in the midst of their Omaggio a Vivaldi, performed in the church of S. Giovanni in which the composer was baptized (and featuring his small image in background at right)
The Cannaregio-situated restaurant, Orient Experience, provided a middle eastern buffet (above), while La Laguna nel Bicchiere (featured just a couple of posts ago) provided the wines
The various pyrotechnics were popular with even the smallest of children
Gigi Miracol, poet, musician, juggler, winemaker, bon vivant, and a recurrent subject of this blog, plays with fire

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