Saturday, November 25, 2023

The Lost Princess (Near the Top of the Dome of Santa Maria della Salute)

The Festa della Santa Maria della Salute is all about two things for Venetian kids: helium balloons and sweets, both of which are available in abundance just outside the church. The image above thus contains an implicit (and perhaps predictable) narrative, and is a reminder of why it's best, if at all possible, to delay the purchase of a helium balloon until after the child's visit inside the church, lest the child too literally follow the theme song of this particular princess from the film Frozen and "Let It Go". (21 November 2016)

Thursday, November 16, 2023

Header, Murano

I don't even know how one would reach the above field on foot: it's on the northern edge of Murano, and a small canal passes by it just before it leads one out into the wide lagoon. I only ever saw the field from our boat, and only if I was standing on its prow while my son (7 years old when this pic was taken) drove. I seem to recall that this was how this image (which I'd forgotten all about until coming upon it today) was captured, with my son at the tiller and me standing on the prow--though, given the tricks of memory, it might also be possible that I clambered ashore for a few minutes to take it). (29 November 2015)

Friday, November 10, 2023

Motoscafo (Strictly Speaking)

Everyone knows what one means when one says "vaporetto," but though I've never bothered to make any distinction in all the years I've done this blog, the type of water bus seen above is specifically referred to as a "motoscafo," while the larger style, used on the Number 1 line, is a "vaporetto." But, generally, in every day use, either style is referred to as a vaporetto (except perhaps by some very particular Venetians). (11 November 2014)