Monday, June 25, 2018

Girl With the Hoop Earring, Grand Canal

The palaces lining either side of the Grand Canal famously make for a beautiful backdrop, but on some days just the particular (and always changing) shade of the water itself will do.

Friday, June 22, 2018

2,967℉ in the Shade

And you think it's hot where you are this summer!

The artisan in the image above is one of Maestro Giorgio Giuman's three sons at Fornace Linea Arianna on Murano, and his work station is just a short distance from the factory's main glass oven, which burns at a temperature of 1,147℃ (or 2,967℉). To keep hydrated in such conditions he and his brothers each drink 6 liters of water (just over 1.5 gallons) per workday.

A slightly different version of this image was originally posted in late July of 2013, in connection with a post on the artist Judy Harvest's collaboration with Fornace Linea Arianna on her work Denatured.