Saturday, September 23, 2023

Harvest Time in the Vineyard of the Cemetery Island of San Michele

A sure sign that the book or video you are watching is written by or presented by someone who has no actual experience of living in Venice as any thing other than, at best, a long-term tourist, is when they refer to the city and lagoon as mournful and "redolent of death" and with similar other tired old Romantic cliches that have been lazily repeated for the last two centuries by people more interested in posturing than perceiving (eg, Peter Ackroyd, who, not content with disgorging--I wouldn't call it writing--one of the worst books on the city I've ever read, followed it up with an equally ridiculous BBC series). They have no idea of the local life that's carried on behind the walls of even the cemetery island, as seen above. (22 September 2023)

Friday, September 15, 2023

Council of Elders, Sant' Elena

One of the great deprivations of American life is a social and economic environment which makes possible scenes like the above. Alas, the social and economic environment that gave rise to such scenes in Venice has largely been wiped out there as well. (15 September 2015)