Monday, March 3, 2014

2 Views of Carnevale in Piazza San Marco This Afternoon

In an otherwise overly-scripted and static Carnevale, this stilt-walker stands out
Confetti, costumes, cameras--and peacock feathers!


  1. Great perspective! Why do you think it is overly scripted - is it too much of a tourist gimmick (and tourists from where) or some other reason?

    1. I guess I just think of Carnevale as, traditionally, being all about spontaneity, Erin, but there's not really anything very spontaneous about the adult activities at Carnevale: they are all quite packaged and sold as such to people who come from out of town (from all over). Of course, when I hear about fights breaking out at Carnevale events or vandalism or other destructiveness from over-sized crowds I remind myself that perhaps "scriptedness" is not such a bad thing, after all.