Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Honeymooners Above the Riva degli Schiavoni

I hope you'll excuse the picture quality of this post--I only had a small point-and-shoot on me--but the sight of a couple wrapped up in matching white hotel bathrobes and luxuriously enjoying cigarettes in their hotel window above the busy Riva yesterday evening reminded me of various old movies such as Rear Window, with its standard running gag of two honeymooners who never manage to leave their room.

A similar idea pops up in The Comfort of Strangers--in which Natasha Richardson and Rupert Everett fall into a period of not leaving their own room above the Riva at Hotel Gabrielli. But in that film it's taken into decidedly darker territory.

Let's just hope the above couple did not run into Christopher Walken if they did leave their lodgings.


  1. Oh, The Comfort of Strangers. What a misnomer! Shiver! Between that and Don't Look Now, I might have interesting dreams tonight!

  2. It'a amazing how those two films linger in the mind--but take refuge in Pane e tulipani!