Sunday, January 22, 2012

Foggy Sunset in Sant' Elena Tonight--and a Thank You

 "Asked what may be the leading color in the Venetian concert, we should inveterately say Pink..."
                 --Henry James, Italian Hours

I would like to thank Yvonne, the wonderful blogger at Hello World ( for listing me as among her favorite Venice blogs. If you don't by chance know Yvonne's blog it is worth checking out, as she is one of those bloggers on whom--to quote Henry James again--"nothing is lost." From fritelle to feast days, graffiti to palazzi to pissotte, she seems to notice or track down everything of interest in this city of overwhelming interest.

Having been cited by Yvonne, it's now my turn to list five of my own favorite blogs. I can't pretend to read as many blogs as I'd like to, and I will of course leave out far more great blogs than I can list, but here are some that I like (in no particular order):

Churches in Venice is my go-to blog when I stumble across--or into--one of the many many churches in this city and want to learn more about it. Its author, Annie, combines reliable knowledge, a keen eye, and a distinctive take on every church she writes about.

Written by a native Venetian, Alloggi Barbaria Blog is another of those blogs where I learn something new--or many things new--with every visit.

AAA Accademia Affamati Affannati is a blog I just happened upon, which offers not only a consistently fascinating array of images of and insight into the city, but recipes as well.

 Venessia nei arcani offers magical views into this most magical of cities.

When we were thinking of moving to Venice The Venice Experience--a blog written by an American about her own experiences settling into the city--was of obvious interest to us, and so it remains.

The blog of Libreria Marco Polo keeps me in touch with my favorite bookshop in the city when I'm not able to get there in person:

And though I've already exceeded five, I can't help listing one other blog about the city we moved here from. A huge city whose continued survival as anything more than simply a Disney World of conspicuous consumption is, like Venice, in serious doubt:


  1. That light can't be real!
    I loved the New York blog - especially the quotations at the bottom. I could have kept on reading them for hours.

    1. Actually the colors of sunsets I try to photograph here are always more intense than I can manage to capture. Any suggestions on how to better get them would be appreciated--though the lower the light (in this case because of the fog), the less color is lost.

      I'm glad you liked the NYC blog--and didn't mind one non-Venice one.

  2. Thank you so much! I am so honored to be included on your list. And thanks for the links to the others, some of which I'm not familar with. I look forward to checking them out. There's so much great Venice content on the web now, it can be a full-time job keeping up with it. :)

    The photo is perfect and I love the James quote!

    1. I'm sorry that I hadn't contacted you yet to let you know yet--I believe I was supposed to! So I'm glad you found it and like the post, too.