Thursday, September 5, 2013

Don't Look Now...

Three visitors to the British Pavilion at the ongoing Venice Biennale ponder the program notes to the artist Jeremy Deller's work--one of which appears ready to catch them all unawares
...but starting tomorrow--jet-lag, internet connection, and other things willing--this Venezia Blog will return to something like its usual frequency of posts. After nearly four weeks of traveling, I'm finally back in Venice.


  1. Welcome back. Now we can stop haunting your site, with that hopeful look in our eyes. (And, I don't mean the Royal we!)

    1. Too true Yvonne. Hope Pierre's back soon too. We need these guys. Thanks Signore.

    2. Thank you for reading, Yvonne and Andrew; and by all means, Y, you can certainly use the Royal we around me anytime.