Thursday, September 12, 2013

2 Views of Early Evening Light, and Life, on Via Garibaldi


  1. The last time I was here it was a night in December and everything looked much less lively. Here St.Giorgio in golden haze makes the scene beautiful.

    1. Liveliness in December is a much earlier affair on Via Garibaldi, and more limited, and without the gold light, but may be worth the trade-off of less tourism.

      And, though I'm always surprised by this fact, that's actually the dome of Salute in the distance, not San Giorgio, as you quite reasonably suppose. I'm always thrown by this orientation of Via Garibaldi as well.

    2. Ah, Salute! It's really a surprise...

      Could you please help me with two phrases I need to learn before arriving to Venice in November? What will be the best way of saying:

      Please let me take your photo?


      I can send you the photo(s) by email.


      I don't want to use some formulas like Posso fare un foto di lei? because I feel these are a bit unnatural.

    3. Sorry to be so long in responding to this, Sasha, I've wanted to confirm your latter question--but still haven't. In any case, for your first question I've always ended up using the unimaginative "Posso scattare una foto (di lei/voi/loro)?"

      For the 2nd, I've wanted to check with others, but as I still haven't, Ill admit I'd simply say something like "Posso mandare le foto a le con mail?" I really need to check on this, but I do know that Italians say "mail" (pronounced in the Italian way, as one would pronounce the "ai" in a word like "maiale" or pig) rather than "email". That is, "mail" means "email"--whereas via "posta" would denote old-fashioned post office-type mail.

    4. Thank you! I'm bringing 3 memory cards, each with capacity of 32 Gb. So I expect to have a lot of occassions to use these phrases.

    5. Wow, you are coming well-prepared, Sasha. I look forward to seeing some of your images.

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