Thursday, September 22, 2011

Venice Biennale: Arsenale Fuel Tanks

There's no end of competition for the contemporary artist in Venice. As good as the works are in the Chinese Pavilion, I couldn't help becoming obsessed with the huge old fuel tanks lining the walls of the massive warehouse.

A little like the work of some contemporary of the young Rauschenberg & Jasper Johns

Time's incidental beauty

Yang Maoyuan's piece, All Things Are Visible, is visible on the floor


  1. Do you know if this will still be open until the end of November? Is it within the Arsenale?

  2. It is indeed within the Arsenale, and as this is one of the Biennale's major exhibition spaces I do think it will be up & open for the entire run (ie, until November 27). Seeing the inside of the Arsenale is a great experience, aside from the art.