Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Clinging to August: Sunset

It's hardly been more than two days since we got relief here from the high temperatures and humidity of August and, having complained more than enough about the oppressive weather (and being without a functioning air conditioner), I would have expected to be happy now that the temperature has dropped into the high 70s (or mid 20s C). Instead, having suddenly noticed the fallen leaves under my feet, I'm already ridiculously nostalgiac for summer...

And so, indulging this absurd nostalgia for a month hardly past, I post a photo below taken at sunset on August 11--right in the thick of the heat (but when our a/c was still actually working). Imagine yourself sitting on a bench at the edge of Sant' Elena, coated with a light layer of perspiration, and with the mosquitoes really starting to come on all around you in the heavy air, and it will almost be like you're there.

Though you, unlike me, may have the good sense to simply enjoy the first signs of autumn (if you're in the northern hemisphere). To which I promise to resign myself soon. But not just yet.


  1. very beautiful...I have some pics of sunset in Pickering Ontario if you care to see!

  2. Thanks. I have been to Toronto and to London, Ontario and liked both of them but must admit I don't know anything about Pickering (I'll look it up now). I'm always open to sunset pics though!