Sunday, September 18, 2011

Procession of the Madonna, Church of Sant' Elena, This Morning

How Mary rolls: amid a bed of flowers and amplified
Backing into the church
 To see 2 short videos of this same festa being celebrated by Italians on the same day at practically the opposite end of the earth (Australia) go to:

This same blog also has a lot of excellent photos and information about Venice.


  1. By coincidence, there was a holy procession here in Sunny, Downtown Atherton. Also amplified, but our Mary rolled on the back of a ute (pick up truck). The congregation is mainly from Calabria, not the Veneto. :-)

    [60 days]

  2. What a cool sight! The last time I visited this church, it was covered with scaffolding both inside and out. Looks like they might have finished the work?

  3. Those amplified Marys are really something, Yvonne. I didn't catch specifically what yesterday had to do w/ Mary, but I seem to recall reading somewhere that each month of the church year has a day devoted to Mary--as well as the whole month of May, of course. Wish you had a pic of the pick-up!

  4. So that's why I couldn't find info on the church on your website, Annie, when I looked for it! I think they have finished whatever they were doing--no more scaffolding anywhere.

    The other day the cloister happened to be open & my son & I wondered in and I was v. surprised to find, on a wall hidden away out of sight at the dead end of the arcade, a large marble slab announcing in Latin something like "here lie the bones of Paolo Sarpi" and dated 1832. I should probably try to get a pic of this & do a post on it, but from what I could gather the bones of the great Sarpi still lie on the cemetary island but this marker in the cloister may come from one of the last major attempts by the Pope's henchmen to steal the bones of their long-dead but still detested enemy.

  5. Hi! I've done a post on the Atherton parade, just for you! Come on over and join us, and the ute.