Tuesday, March 21, 2023

Early Morning on the 4.1 Line

The vaporetto line on which I used to take my son to preschool was also the one taken by Venice's substantial number of seniors citizens (they made up over 25% of the city's population) to their early morning appointments at the ospedale near the church of SS Paolo e Giovanni. Both young and old appear in this image (the former as a reflection). It was a significant achievement a few years ago when residents resisted efforts to close the hospital. (19 March 2013) 


  1. I've always found not just the vaporetto but also train carriages and 'buses super for people watching. Trouble is nowadays all most people do is pict away at their smartphones, or bob their headless to (never quite soundless) music. Rare to watch people interacting with others now. Thank you again for your posts - still wish I was back there.