Thursday, March 9, 2023

Don't Touch the Rialto

A banner inspired by a proposed relocation of fish wholesaling activities which likely would have wiped out the remaining fish stalls in the Rialto market. The proposal was scrapped, but the stalls continue to be threatened by the depletion of the city's population. (8 March 2017)


  1. The bustling Rialto market of all was always a delight to pass through. It was sad to note the last few visits how depleted it was. Change is not always for the best, although it was annoying to see more tourists snapping and videoing than people genuinely interested in the fish, which were in fantastic condition. Thank you again.

  2. You're welcome, Ella. I understand the number of stalls have continued to decrease, which I guess isn't surprising as the number of residents continue to decrease. Tourists do almost nothing for the Rialto market, except snap pics.