Tuesday, February 16, 2021

Of Carnevale Present: Martedì Grasso (Fat Tuesday), This Afternoon (9 Views)


I can't explain to you why this woman was originally photographed by her two collaborators tented in plastic...

but am happy to report that she was freed from her confinement without incident.


An Italian from out-of-town (he had to repeatedly ask the sweeper the name of Venice's mayor) pretends to trip over a mound of confetti and streamers--and will subsequently spend a few minutes lying flat on the pavement bellowing Brugnaro's name and threatening a lawsuit (to universal befuddlement). 

Observing the effort it takes for groups to properly arrange themselves to be photographed...

gave me a renewed appreciation of the manner in which gondoliers do it so beautifully without even trying.

1 comment:

  1. Perhaps the lady in the bubble with her steampunk type gas mask was just that - in her own private bubble.
    Agree totally, the very posed groups lack the elegance and charm of the naturally-arising groupings.
    -Don't you just love those golden slippers? ("Oh, those golden slippers / oh, those golden slippers ......")
    Thank you so much for your wonderful observation skills.