Tuesday, February 2, 2021

Of Carnevale Past: 17 February 2015

Crowds in the Piazza like this have become distant memories

In the absence of real Carnevale in Venice this year I've been thinking of posting one different image each day from prior years. Some might be images I've posted when they were originally taken (usually with a group of other images), others might be ones I've never posted before, like the one above. 

This plan could change without warning, or be interrupted on one day or another by something more timely, but I'll at least start out with this plan in mind and see how it goes.

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  1. What a really good idea. Strangely the one time we've never been in Venice is actually Carnevale - we've always thought it'd be too busy for us. And certainly the one you've started with is slap bang in the middle of the action, isn't it? Hope you manage to do it, we'll watch eagerly each day.