Wednesday, July 29, 2020

Up On the Roof (2 Views)

Beyond Fortuna atop her golden globe are a few people fortunate enough to be spending a summer evening out on an altana overlooking the bacino of San Marco


  1. Absolutely wonderful. Yet again, exactly the right shot, in the right light, to create the right mood.

    1. Thank you, Ella, but all by chance mostly--except that when I saw the top sight I had my son drive me in our boat almost all the way to the Giudecca to allow me to get the altana in the right position in regards to the Fortuna for the long zoom lens to work its compression effect.

  2. Replies
    1. Well it's certainly leaning crocodile, but it cuts almost as odd a figure as a crocodile as it does a dragon: it's rather like a dragon-as-paddle-board.

  3. Yes, of course it is ... St Theodore and his crocodile, supplanted by St Mark, poor chappie.