Wednesday, July 15, 2020

Night Fishing, North Lagoon

Two young fisherman in a boat in the middle of the dark lagoon


  1. Nice pic.Thanks. Is it a common method of fishing in the lagoon? What kinds of fish are caught especially at night in the lagoon? Do you also go fishing by night like this,Steven?

    1. I must admit that I don't go fishing at any time of day or night, but my son has, with friends, during the day, for seppie (cuttlefish) or fish, such as orata, and even for razor clams (which is not actually fishing: I don't think the time of day alters the kinds of fish available to catch in the lagoon, and as it's not seppie season, they're probably just after the usual--though pursuing them later than usual. A friend said at one time, I think it was about 20 years ago, when the price of clams was high, some fishermen would go out in the middle of night to dredge up clams from the lagoon-bed using an illegal motorized system--which resulted in huge catches and equally huge environmental destruction (which was why that method had been outlawed). But the two guys in the picture above aren't engaged in anything like that.

  2. In fact, I beleived that fishing with light might be prohibited in the lagoon,even without any motorized system (of course very detrimental). Unless I am mistaken, such fishing is outlawed in France in rivers and lakes (I don't know on the Mediterranean coast now, where this kind of fishing with small boats was traditional, scenic and nice to see).
    There are some very fascinating old pictures of fishermen, clam-diggers and boats on the lagoon by Carlo Naya and Tomaso Filippi in the late 1800s. The long exposure time makes them a little unreal. Do you know them ?
    Thank you for all your pics and comments, Steven. Auvraisien

  3. I also kind of thought fishing with light was prohibited here, though I think the light in this image doesn't help the fisherman but stands in the usual position on a small boat to indicate its presence in the dark.

    Thanks very much for your suggestion about Naya and Filippi, I'm just starting to work through their images online. Some I've seen before, but there's a particular one of a clammer near San Clemente in very low water that's amazing. And thank you for your comments--mine are always very late in being posted.