Saturday, May 2, 2020

Teatro La Fenice, Tonight


  1. Oh, how sinister and ghostlike he looks!

    1. He appeared on the scene like an apparition, wearing a mask and rubber gloves and carrying a bag, in an area that was otherwise deserted (well, except for me). Then he stopped and stood stock still where you see him in the image for just a couple of seconds then walked out of the frame. I'd set my camera on a tripod to take a long exposure image before he appeared, when it seemed no one was around, and I tripped the shutter when I saw him stop, wondering how long he'd stay. If he would have stood there for the whole exposure time he would have appeared as solid as the buildings around him; if he had moved his arms or head at all where he stood he would have been blurry; and if he would have paused only momentarily before walking on he might have left no trace, or hardly any, at all. He just happened to remain in place for just long enough to create the impression above. So I'm beginning to think he may have been a specter after all. The Ghost of Coronavirus Present.