Friday, May 8, 2020

Campo Erberia, Tonight

On an ordinary Friday night in early May this campo would be filled with candle-lit cafe tables and crowds--and gondolas-- along the water's edge. But not this year.


  1. Wonderful photo! The framing at the water edge (probably from a boat on Canale Grande; I don’t remember there is a pontoon allowing such a framing, but may be there is one now in front of the the Fondaco dei Tedeschi) is magnificent! So nice to see black and white current photos of Venice. It is so rare nowadays. It reminds me an album published, I'd say twenty years ago, by the Italian photographer Luca Campigotto, with black and white photos of Venice empty in the night. Thank you!

    1. Thank you, Auvraisien, and you're very observant! You're right that it was taken from a boat, as there is no landing place from which one can otherwise get this view.

      Given the colors of Venice I guess it's understandable that b/w images are fairly rare these days, but there was a very nice collection of contemporary b/w images of the city (by a variety of photographers) published recently called DREAM OF VENICE IN BLACK AND WHITE, which you can look at here:

      I tend to be a chromaphile, but much as I was struck by what this scene looked like in color when seen in person, in the image the color, no matter how much I toned it down, detracted from one's sense of the solidity of the architecture and the liquidity of the reflections.