Tuesday, May 14, 2019

Pigeons (And Part of a Winged Lion), This Afternoon

Ca' Da Mosto on the Grand Canal, long under renovation, is the site of the Venice Pavilion during the newly-opened edition of the 58th International Art Biennale and the drab gray sheeting that usually conceals the scaffolding of any facade under renovation has been replaced by a large pale hieroglyph of St Mark's lion (which also evokes the ferro at the front of a gondola) upon a fluorescent highlighter-pen yellow ground. 


  1. Ca' da Mosto is one of the oldest Canalside houses, isn't it? Wasn't it once the family home of the chap who did "Francesco's Venice a decade or so back?
    Glad to see it's being done up - will it go for a fortune to a wealthy person from elsewhere, or become a hotel, or luxury apartments?? One wonders....

    1. It is indeed one of the oldest surviving facades in Venice--though, alas, greatly altered over the centuries (not totally--but, for example, Ca' Farsetti, seat of city government a short ways down the Grand Canal, is much more intact--though a couple stories were added onto it). I seem to recall Francesco da Mosto, host of Francesco's Venice and other series, saying in one of them that the house passed out of his family's possession some centuries back.

    2. Oh, and I just happened to talk to someone yesterday whose mother lives right beside Ca' Da Mosto; he told me, with disgust, that it was being converted into a 7 star hotel.