Wednesday, January 3, 2018

The New Year Rolls In, This Morning

Campo Erberia is covered in water, adorned with architecture and sky

During acqua alta the Grand Canal extends itself along Fondamenta Vin Castello (seen above) to the church of San Giacomo di Rialto


  1. Happy new 2018, Steven. This must mean that you've recovered from the flu.
    The pictures are beautiful as usual. Acqua in terra has it's charm too. Here in Sweden I'm beginning to think we are getting some of that too. It's just raining and raining just when I want snow and winter.

    1. A belated Happy New Year to you and yours, Andreas. As long as you have your boots and it's not coming into your magazzino, or has submerged your boat, acqua alta is not so bad on a personal level. (I hate to think of how the it creeps up the bricks of the basilica of San Marco, though, and elsewhere). But by this time you must have gotten some snow! We have barely even come close--and that only for a few minute, really.