Tuesday, January 30, 2018

Low and Dry: Bacino Orseolo, This Evening

What comes in, must go out--and sometimes it really goes out.

Located just a few meters north of Piazza San Marco, this basin is usually one of the busiest gondola departure points in the city. This evening it was just a deserted puddle. 


  1. Replies
    1. They have no keel, the bottom is flat.

    2. Yes, as Allan points out, gondolas, like other traditional Venetian boats made for the lagoon, have flat bottoms. In the second image you may even be able to make this out, or get a hint of it.

  2. That'll cause some gnashing of gondolier teeth at this prime time for posers, won't it? Presumably the gondolas can't get out from the basin? - or can they?

    1. I saw one gondola cautiously pass by near the hotel, Ella, as I was taking this photo--but it didn't depart from this bacino. It couldn't have. Luckily, the tide comes back in soon enough.