Monday, May 23, 2016

San Marco Between Storms, This Evening

Fifteen minutes passed between the image above and the last one below. At the time I took the one above I thought I was capturing the clearing skies, just around 6 pm, after a prior late afternoon storm. But as the third image below indicates, it was just an intermission between storms: the next one--at least the third of the day--rolled in so emphatically with such a black sky and heavy rain and thunder that it seemed sure to last well into the night. But it, too, was gone in well less than an hour, and now the day is drawing to a close with tranquil blue skies. 

Hurrying toward port, and not a minute too soon


  1. This morning I was dreaming about a storm with dark clouds rolling in and when I woke up I found this post in my email. Coincidence. I hope the boat made it to the port ok.

    1. Those internet alert applications are really getting scarily effective: now they're even showing up in your dreams! I think the boat had enough time to dock as, luckily, it was motoring along quite briskly and the storm was arriving from behind it.