Thursday, May 19, 2016

Rainfall in the Sunshine, Late This Afternoon

The dogs seem to know what's on its way, even if the people are too busy talking to notice

It's marzo that's supposed to be pazzo here, but this year March was really quite restrained, while it's been April and May that have been rather erratic, bounding in a single day from deep showery gloom to sunny high spirits and then back to black skies and hard rain; from temperate placidity to gales to dead calm.

Today looked sure to be a long gray washout this morning, but the sun mounted an attack, was overrun by clouds, re-emerged convincingly, was once more outflanked on all sides, battled free of the darkness once more, looking to have established a stronghold at last, only to be utterly routed by a lightning brigade and chased from the field.

The image above was taken at the start of the final battle, when it seemed that sunshine had won the day, in spite of the rain beginning to fall.


  1. Quelle lumière, magnifique photo.

    1. Merci, that light lasted for just a few minutes, then was engulfed by a storm.