Monday, September 7, 2015

Street Serenade, This Evening

The owner of Trattoria Giorgione sings to his outdoor diners, and any number of passersby, on Via Garibaldi.


  1. Via Garibaldi is really a nice place for a walk at any time or a meal. Do you recommend this trattoria? For the menu or for the singer? Thank you for this taste of Venice! (by Auvraisien)

    1. We haven't eaten there in over a year, I think (we don't each out much), Auvraisien, but it offers solid if not inspired food at a decent price for Venice. Others with experience of it, and more experience of dining out in general, could probably give a much fuller and more informative opinion of it. It's a nice place, and I really like when the owner sings, and I know my cousins from Piemonte liked the food when we had lunch there a couple of years ago, but beyond that...?