Sunday, July 1, 2012

Flying the Flag Before the Big Match, This Afternoon

On this extremely hot and humid afternoon before the European Cup final here's what I saw in addition to the above display of flags in Dorsoduro: a number of kids in Mario Balotelli jerseys; a very large tour group of intrepid Spanish high school students, each with their country's flag painted on either cheek (boo!); and everyone else moving very slowly, and looking very much like they wished they were in an air conditioned room of any sort, in any place.

The place to be to watch the game tonight, according to more than one Venetian, is Campo Santa Margherita, with tv screens in each of its five bars (one bar with three screens), and plenty of beer. But I believe I'll stick closer to home.

Forza azzurri!


  1. I am sorry about the outcome of the game. I was really looking forward to more stories about celebratory diving!

    I hope it will cool down for you soon...

    1. I must admit the only good thing about the outcome was that I didn't have to worry about doing an adequate job of covering the celebrations!

      It was extremely quiet after the game: the only sound for a long time afterwards being the sound of a bar not too far from us pulling down its protective grate at closing time. A perfect last note for the night.

      Today is not quite so bad, but how we could use some rain!