Wednesday, April 25, 2012

2 Sunset Views from Burano: Mazzorbo & Torcello


  1. It's bad enough to be posting in absentia these pics taken this past Sunday--we're in Sicilia for the next 9 days--but Blogger had to go & alter the editing format so as to make it nearly impossible (at least for me at this hurried moment) to add text to the photos I'd readied as a draft before we left. In any case, I suppose the title provides enough info.

    My question is, if we have internet connection during our days here, should I post pics from Sicily or stick with the recent Venice pics I'd prepared for our time away?

  2. I wouldn't mind seeing something of Sicily, but that can be after you've come back to Patagonia.

    You're the boss, we'll be happy with whatever you decide. (I've taken a poll of all your followers, of course.)

    Have fun.

    1. I think your suggestion was the right one. I'm still not sure about any Sicilia posts--or any more than the one I've done. I'd have to change the name of the blog!