Sunday, December 4, 2011

Libreria Marco Polo

Novelist Sergio Garufi is interviewed in front of the bookstore, Oct 15, 2011
Does everybody out there know about Libreria Marco Polo?

It's just a few minutes from the Coin department store, right behind the church of San Giovanni Grisostomo (with its great Giovanni Bellini), and always has an extremely interesting selection of new titles in Italian and a pretty broad selection of used books in English. It also has some titles in German and French, I believe, though I haven't gotten around to looking at those.

It's a small charming friendly place that reminds one that the quality of a bookstore is not measured by square meters (or feet) or numbers of total volumes, but by its distinctive intelligence. Librera Marco Polo is positively overflowing with that.

It also puts on excellent events, such as the one for Sergio Garufi's dark and engaging novel of bibliophilia, Il nome giusto, pictured above and below.

Check out the store's website and blog at:

And when you're in Venice, stop in and see it for yourself.


  1. Oh, yes, I am a fan of this book shop and the friendly owner!

  2. I'm glad to hear it. And there are, I believe, two nice owners, so you can look forward to meeting the second...

  3. I've visited that store several times but didn't know about the website/blog, so thanks! It's a great place.

  4. Annie,

    Though they're no substitutes for the store itself, the website & blog are also quite interesting in themselves.