Thursday, December 22, 2011

Holiday Snapshots

The other day my wife Jen had a long errand to run and I suggested she take along our small camera, as one of the excellent photographers (Bert) who contributes to the Venice Daily Photo blog ( has reminded me that one should never go out in this city without a camera. She seemed too focused on her particular errand to even consider the idea--but then she returned home with these. 

She, like the city, is full of pleasant surprises.


  1. You and Bert are dead right about that. The very time you haven't got a camera with you, the once in a lifetime opportunity pops up in front of you.

    Now, isn't Jan glad she listened to you!

  2. Jen, good stuff. I always thought you had a good eye, well... two good eyes.

  3. Jennifer,
    Looks like you had such a good time taking pictures that maybe you forgot to run the errand. The camera may be a good reminder that we can always be playful no matter how focused we get on getting things done. Maybe life is what really happens in-between ??????????????? How did that saying go. I think I was on to saying something profound but I can't figure out how to finish it.

  4. Actually, Jen had fortunately already finished her errand by the time she took these photos; these were taken on the long walk home from nearly one end of the city (length-wise) to the other.