Saturday, December 3, 2022

December Diptych

17 December 2016


  1. So wish I could again be there at this time of year. I recall being there in 2016 with pleasure. Thank you

    1. It's one of the few remaining periods of the year that residents can really enjoy, and breathe a bit, in the welcome gap between autumn tourists (including those who come for the Biennale) and those who start to arrive just after Christmas for New Year's. You were wise to have been there then!

    2. For many years, until Covid struck, we went to Venice before Christmas, and left for home on New Year's Eve. When I "retired" at Christmas 2008, when waited until the New Year rush had left, and spent a chilly but lovely month there in January. Sheer bliss, and people were so nice, made my stumbling Italian welcome, Really made us feel less like tourists. But your picture felt exactly as it was in 2016.