Monday, June 27, 2022

Festa di San Pietro di Castello, 28 June 2014


  1. Do you not really miss being back there everyday?

    1. I do miss it, Ella, in some ways, but I don't actually wish I was back there. Perhaps I will in the future, but not right now. Venice is a beautiful place to live, and the local life that persists can be quite wonderful, but the stresses upon resident life are considerable and, unfortunately, the city is under the control of people who seem determined to make those stresses even greater.

  2. How very sad. We've only experienced it as tourists, regularly most autumns / winters over the past few decades, and from some of the residents we spoke with, got the feeling that there was a lot lurking wrong under the skirts of the wonderful old lady. We realise, looking back, that we were so blessed in most of our experiences, often because of my interest in odd visual aspects of things, that led me down some strange pathways from time to time, but to some enriching encounters.