Friday, May 20, 2022

Healthcare In A Historic Setting

Perhaps one gets a different sense of one's life when even the most contemporary of processes, such as accessing a national health care system, takes place amid large dramatic architectural elements of the past. (taken 27 May 2014)


  1. What I love most about Italy is the mix of old and new. Somehow, the "new" architecture is designed to fit beautifully with and enhance the "old." I agree that the element of history may give one a sense of being that transcends their immediate problem at the time, which may help to lift the spirits in a healthcare situation.

    1. That mix you mention is one of the great things about Italy, and is interesting even in those cases in which the historical elements and contemporary ones don't mesh especially well. There seems to me to be something valuable about living with some sense of the lives that have been lived in the same place before you.