Friday, May 28, 2021

Lost In the Clouds



  1. More likely "lost in contemplation of message on mobile 'phone" nowadays. Less romantic, but more likely

    1. I was actually kind of thinking of "the Cloud" in the technological sense of the data storage centers utilized by smart phones: the massive storage centers located underground--not in the sky, despite their intentionally deceptive name--that allow one to have endless access to data (films etc) that would otherwise overwhelm the storage capacity of a smartphone itself. But I didn't use "the Cloud(s)" in the title that I thought might suggest this more, as it seemed too pretentious and tendentious. But mostly I just like the visual impression of him poised on his tip toes amid those various forms and light/shadows....

  2. Buongiorno, sono Margherita, una studentessa di design. Mi sto laureando con un progetto su Venezia e mi piacerebbe poterla intervistare. Le ho mandato un messaggio anche su Instagram. A presto :)

  3. C'mon Ella, it's Venezia. As our Professoressa would say, "It sounds better."