Saturday, January 2, 2021

A Subdued (Lockdowned) Good Riddance to a Bad Year

It was forbidden to be in the streets after 10 pm on New Year's Eve, as it has been for, well, I no longer remember how long now; forbidden also to have private gatherings with those outside of your immediate family... So it was a quiet end of the year in Venice, except for a small display of private pyrotechnics shot off somewhere in the western end of the city (see below), and some sparklers hand-held on a balcony (above).
The day before New Year's Eve someone had--for a time--more bluntly addressed the departing year with a large banner hanging across the middle third of the Rialto Bridge's span; it read: #FANCULO2020.


There were also what looked to be two or three home-made hot air balloons that floated above the city before consuming themselves (the short streak of light evident in the long exposure above)

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  1. Someone near us was firing off fireworks despite the restrictions, why don't they heed advice?