Sunday, November 8, 2020

Saturday Night, Rialto Market (6:30 pm)

Or "Love In the Time of Covid 2" (the first is here)


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    1. It struck me as suggestive (in all senses of the word) contrast to the first image by that title I posted last May--suggestive, that is, of the different attitude toward restrictions. I exited the vaporetto at the Rialto Mercato stop last Saturday night to find Camp Bella Vienna crowded with young people, though the bars had officially closed, most of them sounding much more drunk than I'm used to hearing young Italians sound (ie, they sounded like young Americans or Brits). Where these two were busying themselves, and the pose, also suggested some spirits other than that of Love were involved. There was more than a little whiff of nihilism or at least recklessness or fatalism in the air...