Wednesday, July 3, 2019

Untimely Reflections, Last Night

Like Christmas in July, acqua alta in July upends expectations, as the latter, no less than the former, is more typically a December (and, more generally, winter) event.

But at least in the heat of July the irresistible urge that overtakes certain tourists to splash (or even swim) in the puddles of sewer water--or allow their children to do so--seems slightly more understandable, if no less foolish, than it does in the middle of winter.  

Venice Beach: local police would eventually arrive and move this trio along (as lounging about in the middle of Piazza San Marco is frowned upon as being disrespectful to the city's most famous space), but not before various children ranging from 18 months to about 10 years of age splashed and literally sprawled in the acqua alta bubbling up from the bowels of the city's sewer system as if they were at a sea shore.


  1. Replies
    1. Well, when the Venice experience advertised to mass market tourists make it seem hardly more unique than your generic "romantic" seaside getaway (basically: shopping, shopping and shopping!) I guess one can't blame some people for assuming that any water here is meant for swimming. Indeed, I overheard one English-speaker who was staying in a hotel a short distance from the Bridge of Sighs, and actually sitting on the hotel's little water door dock looking upon the rio running past it carrying its steady corteo of gondolas, ask a member of the hotel staff whether (and I quote)" "Has it always been wet here, or did they build up the place and then flood it?" And this was not a day-tripper. So if he didn't have any clue about the city, then how can the 75% of people who are only here for a few hours?

  2. So used to Aqua alta when we are there - autumn, winter, even spring, but really hadn't thought to see evidence of it in summer! Really cannot believe that people do not realise what that water may hold, to completely spoil their holiday, or even worse.

    1. Yes, it's rare in the summer, Ella, and seems an even worse time to go in it, though the heat makes it the more tempting.