Saturday, June 1, 2019

Out and About at Noon Today: 5 Views

A gelato in one hand, a GPS app in the other--in Venice only one of these is worth bothering with 

Of the trio of pests which are prone to suddenly swoop down upon a formerly pleasant lunch outdoors in Venice, certain street musicians are every bit as disruptive, and much more persistent, than the hungriest pigeon or seagull

"Discover a new point of view" it says--but I actually preferred the old one, without the huge gaudy advertising billboard in Campo San Salvador obscuring the facade of the Scuola Grande of San Teodoro, not to mention the billboard (not pictured) that has become a permanent fixture of nearby Campo San Bartolomio (ie, the degradation of Venice continues apace under the admirable guidance of its mayor G. Brugnaro)

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