Tuesday, February 19, 2019

A Walk In the Fog, This Morning (11 Views)

An appointment took me from San Zaccaria to Piazzale Roma on foot this morning before 9 am. I hadn't time for any scenic detours of the sort I would have liked to take on a morning like this--to see, for example, the church of the Miracoli in such fog--so these are just snaps from the quickest route between two points (with the exception of the two last images, actually taken after the appointment on the way home). There was no Vento di Garbin like yesterday--this fog settled in for hours today.


  1. Thanks for these.... looks beautiful in the mist...

  2. Beautiful picks Steven. I have a few times had the luck of visiting Venice in the fog, and it is a true unfforgetable experience. The atmosphere of a gohst city, the silence, and totally differnt in day fog and night fog. Magic!