Sunday, July 29, 2018

Sea, Land, Sky: Lagoon Strata, This Morning

 Three rowers in the distinctive azure and white stripes of the Querini rowing club follow a meandering stream through a flowering barena (mud flat)


  1. And Marco Polo airport in the background adds a certain contrast? I know where I'd rather be, on that mud-flat! (As long as the rowers didn't leave me there!)

    1. The airport is just another element of the present lagoon ecosystem, Ella, and living here one realizes how just how often such elements (though they are the property of those who control the fate of the city, the actual decision-makers) are carefully cropped out of depictions of the lagoon, interfering as they do with the picturesque. Which is exactly why I like to include them, of course, as every other view of Venice has already been taken and is readily available.