Sunday, June 10, 2018

Summer Is Here, Ready or Not

In a couple of days we'll be leaving Venice to travel for about a month. While we're gone I'll generally be posting images of Venice I took during Junes past: for example, the one above was taken on Lido almost exactly five years ago but never posted.

In a couple of instances they may be images I posted more than four years ago, but which I've newly reprocessed and edited.

Any new images will be identified as such in the post.

Venice is a beautiful place to live; it's even more beautiful when one returns to it after being away for a while. 


  1. So you’ll be missing out on il Redentore this year then? Happy holidays and sałdi in prua!

  2. Have a good break, enjoy yourselves, and come back refreshed yourself, to give us all such pleasure through your glimpses of the Venice we all seem to love.