Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Corteo of the Twelve Marie, Today

Although the Twelve Marie are most famously carried on the shoulders of young men at the beginning of Carnevale, I realized this year that they actually seem to spend even more time being rowed up and down the Grand Canal on some pretty chilly and damp days. Today, on the last day of Carnevale, after the young women selected as the Maria dell'Anno and Maria dei Veneziani (o Gazzettino) were officially presented in Campo San Giacomo dell'Orio (a venerable "tradition" which I suspect goes back all of about 3 years), they were rowed with other costumed members of the nobility--including even the Doge himself, as you'll see below--to Piazza San Marco for closing ceremonies. All of them the very images of fortitude through what seems for them to be an especially event-packed Carnevale season.


  1. Being one of the Marie is not for sissies, it seems.

    1. It's really not, Yvonne. They're required to devoted so much time to appearing here or there and traveling all over the city that I kind of hope they all get a little payment for their time. Of course, if anyone doubts that they aren't sissies, one need only look at what the winning Maria gets to do: The Flight of the Angel! You wouldn't get me up there on that wire!

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