Monday, March 21, 2016

The Picture of Contentment at Sant'Erasmo, and A View of Vignole


I've written  before that Venetians never appear more content--and sometimes even majestic--than when they are at the wheel or tiller of their own boat, no matter how modest it might be. The regal fellow poised on the prow of the small boat in the image above reminded me, however, that I'd neglected to note how intensely pleasant it is for their dogs, too.

Both the dog above and the house below were among the sights during last Saturday's boat ride to Sant'Erasmo, Venice's vegetable garden, and the largest island in the lagoon (though only sparsely populated). The farm we go to also maintains a regular series of weekly deliveries to a few locations in Venice; after signing up, you can even place your order online on their website (as you can read about in this piece:

You won't find better vegetables at better prices, and the weekly deliveries are quite convenient--though, if you happen to have your own boat there's much to recommend making the trip to the farm itself.  

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