Saturday, February 6, 2016

Four Carnevale Portraits, Caffè Florian, Tonight


  1. fabulous picture of the elderly rake! It also LOOKS like everyone is at the ridotto, playing carte, but of course they are all holding or gazing into their indispensable phones. The ladies should have a cicerone to hold theirs, or a special reticule into which to slip them. I think someone should repaint the Carpaccio Venetian women on the terrace, holding their phones. Their sad, bored faces would be the same...and also, the bubble picture is miraculous, bravo! and very Escher! Did you see the Escher stairs last year inside the Fortuny?

    1. You're right about the appearance of card-playing at a ridotto, Mary, I hadn't thought of that! And all your other comments are equally apt, especially as even in the midst of such electronic diversions the faces of Carpaccio's noble ladies on the terrace really could be left, as you point out, just as they are. I did not see the Escher stairs at the Fortuny last year, unfortunately: one of far too many things I've missed.