Monday, October 5, 2015

A Look In At, and Out Of, the Squero di San Trovaso; This Afternoon


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    1. The back door was simply wide open, Helen, and as I stood just outside it, holding my camera at arms' length above my head to clear the gondola in the foreground and trying to focus on its angled lcd screen, one of the guys who worked there happened to peek out just for a second. I thought he was going to close the door--he did partly, then opened it again. In any case, I didn't manage to capture much of the flame the two workers at center were using on their gondola, but the guy looking out in the foreground reminded me of those paintings from which one or two figures look out directly at the viewer. The famous one in Venice is Titian's Persaro Madonna in the church of I Frari. But I'd also just seen Domenico Tiepolo's series of paintings on The Passion in the church of San Polo, a number of whose canvases feature such characters.