Tuesday, July 28, 2015

With August, and Its Crowds, Just Around the Corner (Today, Rio dei Fuseri)


  1. What will the crowds be like mid-September (after the film fest)? Two years ago, my family and I visited in August and you're right - it was crowded (& hot!). Hoping for fewer crowds and cooler weather this time around. (Doesn't matter either way, though .. we LOVE Venezia!)

    1. Perhaps September won't be all that much less crowded than August, but I think it will be a better experience anyway, as at least the Venetians themselves will be back in town. In August anyone who can possibly get away--whose job doesn't absolutely require them to be in town for tourists--flees. Which means, almost quite literally, that the town empties out and one really only sees other tourists. Which is a little weird. Mid-September should be better--school will be starting, life will be back in the city.

  2. Sounds wonderful. Can't wait!