Monday, June 22, 2015

Summer Solstice: Taking in the Sunset from Riva dei Sette Martiri


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    1. Thanks, HKB, it was a nice evening. And she looked like someone who had been occupied indoors for too long (and in an apartment in a narrow calli of Venice one can feel doubly enclosed: within the house itself and within the cramped buildings all around it) and was pleased for the chance to get into the light and open air.

  2. From Auvraisien. Hello Sig. Nonloso. Wonderful photo! I immediately thought « Mamma Venezia » in reference to the Pasolini ‘s movie title “Mamma Roma”. Of course, there is no link - I hope so for this woman - between this dramatic film and this elderly woman taking sun after hard daily activities. But her popular silhouette is imposing, full of fatigue and pride of the day’s labour, full of relaxation and delight facing the sunset. That reminds me some images (in black and white of course) from this film or others of the Italian neorealist period. Many thanks for having posted this photo.