Monday, January 19, 2015

A World Lit Largely by Screens

On a vaporetto last night


  1. Thanks very much, Jon. Something about the foggy darkness, the mass of his winter coat, and the way just his face was lit made me think of painted portraits from past centuries.

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  3. But after seeing that point the difficulty is getting the correct setting so that that phone, face, lights behind and vaporeto bridge are lit in the dark and without the man changing attitude or looking at your camera. Or, did you just shot and were lucky?

    1. I opened the aperture of my wide angle lens as far as it would go, focused and spot-metered on the man's face, and dialed the exposure compensation down 2 1/3 because (based upon a couple pics I tried a few minutes before) I thought otherwise the face would be washed out and everything generally lighter than it really was. But or course I was lucky that he didn't swipe the screen to a dimmer one or that the vaporetto captain didn't turn on the interior lights as we approached the fermata--which he then did before I could take a second shot. But if it turns out okay, it's still always a surprise!