Saturday, October 4, 2014

A Table on Via Garibaldi with a View of Salute

I'm always pleasantly surprised to come upon this apparent proximity of two locations that seem so far apart.


  1. I don't think I ever noticed this, it must be the angle. Is the via a rio tera'? I wonder whether it was designed with that angle.

    1. The restaurant is the Novo Galeon on Via Garibaldi right near the gate to Viale Garibaldi. The surprise comes from one's inclination to think of Via Garibaldi as basically running north/south, when in fact it angles more southwest than one usually imagines, therefore leading to a view of Salute rather than, say, S Giorgio Maggiore.

  2. The via is indeed a rio terá. It was created in 1808 by filling in part of the Rio di Castello. I have read (as you may) that it was Napoleon's idea. I don't know just how much into town planning Bonaparte was. I suppose the scheme may have needed his approval before it went ahead. But Napoleon had other concerns on his mind – the Peninsular War, for instance, which began 2 May 1808 (sometimes 27 October 1807).