Friday, June 27, 2014

3 Views of Festa di San Pietro di Castello (or San Piero de Casteo), This Evening

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There were plenty of tables set up for diners on land, near the grills where the festa's food was prepared, but...
this being Venice, a number of people made the understandable (and pleasant) choice of eating their dinner on their boats

Images from last year's festa can be seen here:


  1. Your blog makes me feel like leaving everything to go live in Venice!
    Many thanks for sharing little bits of your life there.

    1. Please do, Line, as Venice needs all the residents it can get! Someone has to start offsetting the people who are leaving the city (either under their own power or in the back of a funeral boat). It can be a very very nice place to live--it's a shame it's so hard for so many people to make a go of things here, so little opportunities and work.

      Thanks very much for letting me know you like the blog.

  2. Great pics! thanks for sharing.